We answered the most Frequently Asked Questions about shopping with PoppyPet!

      1. How do the Sweatshirts fit? They fit true to size, we recommend sizing up if you would prefer an over sized look! T-shirts are 100% cotton so they will shrink a little.
      2. How many phots of each pet do you recommend? 2-3 high quality photos of each pet would be perfect!
      3. What is the best quality picture to use?  Close up, clear, well lit, full head in frame (do not crop off ears, top of head etc.), unfiltered, straight on....Portrait mode is generally the best
      4. What animals can you do? All Animals welcome here! We would love to recreate any animal you may have. Cats, Horses, Parrots, Hamsters, Giraffes, Elephants...etc. (;
      5. What can go under the face besides the name? You can have a blank space, pet name, your name, instagram handle, "Dog Mom", or anything you would like!
      6. Do we get a preview of the outline? If you would like to see a proof of your pets face we can definitely do that, just mention in the order text box you would like a preview!

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